Motivational Speakers in India

Paul Robinson is a leading motivational speaker in India who speaks on management, leadership, innovation, peak performance, team work and managing change. He is a best selling author to several  personal and professional development titles[…]

How to disrupt yourself?

In my speaking career as a professional motivational and management speaker, I have spoken to over 300 plus companies across the globe and one particular challenge most companies face today is in the area of[…]

Recent Digital Marketing Success Stories

Several small and medium companies are using social media effectively to increase the market share and sales. Here are some recent success stories: You Tube The ‘Three peg song’ is a viral video on youtube[…]

Ten Commandments to Leading in 2017 and Beyond

1. Thou shalt Reinvent thy Company and Businesses Kodak died but Fuji survived. Both were threatened by the digital photography! What happened? Fuji reinvented their company during the digital photography crisis, while Kodak got comfortable[…]

Managing leadership paradoxes.

Leading is a paradox. On one hand leaders are meant to lead and on the other hand nobody wants to be led. Followers are not always looking for a leader to lead them. They are[…]