How to disrupt yourself?

In my speaking career as a professional motivational and management speaker, I have spoken to over 300 plus companies across the globe and one particular challenge most companies face today is in the area of[…]

Troubles at the top

Troubles at the top Some of the problems CEOs face today and how can it be resolved. Problems get bigger as the ladder of management go higher. Time shrinks for many CEOs while they are[…]

Ten mantras to lead in challenging times.

Hard moments and tough times are inevitable in any business. Different economic environments bring different challenges that companies and business have to grapple with.  When external factors contribute to an organizations’ decline, what often happens[…]

Sales training in India

SALES TRAINING IN INDIA Performing organizations in India are now gearing up to a new financial year. Since sales drive most of an organizations income, companies are more focused on setting new sales goals for[…]

Making Innovation Happen

Innovation is increasingly becoming the heart of enterprise today. In the last decade organizations were obsessed with the word ‘quality’. The followers of Deming’s teaching and the vast majority of companies worldwide were committed to[…]

Education Based Relationship Selling.

  The world of selling is going through major changes. Today customers havenumerous options to choose from a highly competitive market.  People close the doors to the pushy sales person. The aggressiveness and being ‘pushy’[…]

Stop your excuses and start your business.

People are forever telling me they really, really want to start their own business… yet when I see them next they’re still ‘wanting’ and not ‘doing’. They’re passionate about their ideas and some of them[…]