What is motivation? 

It is the state of mind filled with enough mind justified reasons (or WHYs) to undertake an action that otherwise we do not execute due to the lack of reasons. Behind every human action there is a set of obvious or hidden motivations. It is always reasons that come first and answers that follows. If we do not have compelling reasons to act up on an idea or external stimuli, we do not act at all. As a result we all tend to procrastinate. People act when they are motivated. We decide when we are motivated. When we are not motivated we feel low and inactive. Actions create results. If action is the vehicle, motivation is the engine that drives us and inspiration is the fuel. Our level of performance is determined by our state of motivation. Inspiration can trigger motivation to act. Inspiration is something we feel in response to something outside ourselves and motivational state of mind is an outcome of that feeling. We can inspire our self and other people  with  new perspectives. Hunger is inspiration for food and thirst is inspiration for water but motivation on the other hand makes us cook food.

You can motivate others by influencing their thinking. Motivation drives performance. It is a powerful state of mind that creates any desired outcome. 

 Everything we do in life is to achieve a state of feeling good about ourselves. Motivation gives us the shift to look forward in life and create joyful experiences that gives meaning and growth.

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