Making Innovation Happen

Innovation is increasingly becoming the heart of enterprise today. In the last decade organizations were obsessed with the word ‘quality’. The followers of Deming’s teaching and the vast majority of companies worldwide were committed to[…]

Education Based Relationship Selling.

  The world of selling is going through major changes. Today customers havenumerous options to choose from a highly competitive market.  People close the doors to the pushy sales person. The aggressiveness and being ‘pushy’[…]

Make Your Brands Roar

My new work on branding is called ‘Make Your Brand Roar’. This deals with the art and science of power branding. Power branding is about creating a stronger Competitive Value Proposition (CVP) for your products[…]

Seven ways to grow your business

SEVEN WAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS      There is only growing business or dying business. There is nothing called a matured business. Everything is evolving and constantly changing including businesses, markets and consumers.  Growth starts[…]