Plan your Kick Off session with Paul Robinson, India’s leading motivational speaker.

A Kick Off session gathers the top management along with the execution and planning team every year to felicitate on the fruits of their labor and to plan a great year ahead. An official kick of session can be a combination of a strategy session for planning and the felicitation of great work done in the past.

With a Kick-Off session, people are motivated to achieve clear performance goals. It’s also a great opportunity to energize people and synergize the efforts of various teams to achieve the common goal.

With so much of emphasis on planning and less on execution, many kick off sessions fail to achieve its purpose. Therefore it’s highly imperative to devise clear execution plans with specific steps and deadlines. Clarity is essential to the design of corporate goals but clarity in execution makes the goals achievable.

Hope is not a strategy but expectation is. You can’t afford to keep your fingers crossed; you must have your fingers directed at the vision you want to translate into action. Kick-Off sessions must throw light on how much you can expect from each individual and teams. Sometimes the management expect a lot from their people, especially when they are charged to take on Big Hairy Audacious Goals but expectation management is possible only by raising the standards of people. People should be directed to explore their innate potential and explore possibilities. They need to grow more and be more to contribute more value to others. They must be taught to think better, believe in their potential and take on any challenges that will stretch their abilities to take on bigger challenges. Motivation is essential but motivation alone does not do the magic of execution. You need to upgrade their skills and raise their aptitudes along with positive attitude, enhance their ability to take thoughtful action and associate with other winners.

Kick off session is meant to reinvent ourselves and this opportunity is presented to us during every New Year and the beginning of every Financial Year. After a solid Kick-Off you can upgrade yourself with more skills and release your new version 2.16 in the year 2014. Your version of 2.15 will not be efficient to handle the challenges of this year and the years to come. Constant upgrade is the key to achieving bigger goals. This is our chance to reinvent ourselves.

Plan a Kick Off session with Paul Robinson as your motivational speaker to take on the challenges and embrace the opportunities of this year.

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