Paul Robinson Quotes

About Leadership

“Smart people don’t want to be led, they just want to be inspired”

“Don’t try to manage your managers; unleash them”

“You must take the screaming of your coach, in order to get you to the cheering of your fans”

“Some executives move up in the corporate ladder because of their warmth and competency; but some because of attrition”

“To lead is to really care for your people. If you don’t; they just don’t care for your leadership either”

About Success

“In order to be a successful person one must become a succeeding person. A succeeding person is a person who is pursuing his goals on a consistent basis making progress every single day”

“Success is a result of your truest expression”

‘If you can do what others can’t and willing to do what others won’t; you can have everything what others can’t and will acheive anything what others won’t”

“There is no rescue mission for those who do not want to be saved.”

“Success is about honouring the defeat to take the next chance”

“If you speak the language of had then you must be sad. If you speak the language of have then you must be brave”

“If you want to change your reality, at first you must change your mentality”

About Billionaire’s 

‘The size of a fish is determined by the size of its mouth, the size of a millionaire is measured by the chunk he takes every time he bites’

About  The Law of Attraction

“Your state of mind attracts and creates your state of results”

About Truth

‘Truth is brief and lie rhetoric’

About the Power of Association

“Four types of people  whose contact and association you must avoid completely to stay positive and succeed long term: 1)The energy vampire 2)The Dream stealer 3) The Jealous Jackal and 4) Frenimies”

“In a networked world, value comes from whom you are connected to”

About Life

“Take success to your heart and failure to your head”

“Your current success is the number one impediment to all your future success”

“Life is like a trampoline effect, the lower you hit, the higher you rise”

“The success for most people is in disciplining their undisciplined mind”

“Future is certain to the fearless and uncertain to the fearful”

“You always lose when you are in war with yourself”

“A cobra will show its hood, not because it is aggressive but because it is scared”

“You can stop a conversation but you can’t withhold an opinion forever”

“Innocence is not knowing. Ignorance is not wanting to know something”

About Failure

“Failures are prematured results-a lesser expected outcome and feedback.”

“For losers failure is a nesting place and for winners it is a resting place”

About Creativity, Innovation &Change

“If necesity is the mother of invention, then desperation is the mother of innovation”

“All significant breakthroughs are preceded by major breakdowns”

“Yesterday’s success is today’s mediocrity and tomorrow’s laughing stock”

“Yesterday’s peacock is tomorrow’s feather duster”


“You can’t find passion, you must create it.”


“Energy shared is synergy. Energy wasted is lethargy”


People will voluntarily give up their personal freedom with a hope for greater good and by the time they wake up to the bitter reality, what is lost almost become irreversible.


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