Recent Digital Marketing Success Stories

Several small and medium companies are using social media effectively to increase the market share and sales. Here are some recent success stories:

You Tube

The ‘Three peg song’ is a viral video on youtube sung by Kannada rapper Chandan Shetty with more than 4.5 million views. The song was sponsored by Hercules rum as a brand promotion strategy. According to Aditya Khoday, a director for Khoday Group of Companies, which owns the Hercules brand the sales for Hercules rum “has increased 15% in a month”. Surely the suggestive lyric of three pegs in the song has done its magic.

Video marketing is a great tool. The recent Pan Bahar gutka advertisement is generating too much buzz, because the video commercial features Pierce Brosnan holding a box of Pan Bahar with text below reading “Class never goes out of style” and a signature of the actor. The James Bond spoofed advertisement is now gone viral surprising many Indians.


Facebook is a popular social media tool to build an audience for your brand. Apart from garnering likes, it’s a great medium to host contests and tell good stories around your brand. One of the recent marketing campaigns by ‘Urban Clap’, an app featuring professionals to take care of your home needs, tells a story of how a customer has benefited from hiring a personal trainer. By using a real customer stories, they are able to engage with their audience in an interesting manner resulting in higher downloads for their app closing towards a half million.


American company Toms shoes did an Instagram campaign called ‘one day without shoes’ encouraging community to spread the word and post a photo on Instagram of their bare feet using hashtag #withoutshoes. For each unique photo posted, TOMS committed to giving a new pair of shoes to child in need. The Instagram campaign drew participation from more than 30 countries with more than 338,280 barefoot photos were tagged #withoutshoes. Toms showed their philanthropic side and donated 296,243 shoes to under privileged children. Even if your brand can’t give away a free product to everyone who posts about you on Instagram, the point is to tie your brands with something that touches the hearts of the customers.

Linked In

You probably may think why a cosmetic company should use a professional medium like Linked In, but cosmetic giant L’Oreal thinks differently. L’Oreal is addressing their career savvy women audience through career advice and business content on Linked In. By attracting business leaders and executives who are women, L’Oreal is creating a mindshare for their products making it as a smart choice for women.


Mahindra Two Wheelers’ first automatic scooter developed entirely in-house has not been doing well. To give a boost to the sales, Mahindra took up a campaign called the Gusto Rides on twitter. The scooter brand brought together foodies from all walks of life to experience a ‘Go Gusto Ride’ like no other in the city of Mumbai and Bangalore. “Mahindra Scooters geared up passionate folks on Twitter inviting them for a ride. The Twitter handle asked people what their gusto in life was, while informing about the food ride. Meanwhile, Amrita Rana and Kalyan Karmarkar, both highly influential in the area of food and enjoying a large fan base of passionate foodies, also began spreading the word.” as reported by Business Standard.

The hashtag #GoGustoRides had been trending on Twitter on the day of the ride. By using influential bloggers on food, Mahindra was able to generate enough buzz with the twitteratties.



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